When to Speak to a Mortgage Pro About Pre-Qualifying

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It is important to consult with your mortgage loan professional as soon as possible — even before you have started to consider neighborhoods. What for? How can we help you if you have not made your offer, and don't yet know the amount you want to borrow?

We Can Help You Pre-Qualify

We will help you calculate the loan amount you can qualify for and the monthly mortgage payment amount you are able to afford by getting you pre-qualified. During the process, we determine your ability to borrow - reviewing your employment, available money for down payment, debt, income, and other areas. We will ask for a minimum amount of paperwork, and avoid a lengthy process.

We'll award you a Pre-Qualification Letter when you qualify, that states that we are confident you will qualify for a specific amount of mortgage loan dollars.

Power in the Pre-Qual

Holding your pre-qualification letter, some advantages fall at your feet when you find the home you want to put together an offer for. First, it helps you know the amount that you are able to offer. More important to the current home owner, your being pre-qualified is like your having entered their front door with a suitcase full of cash to purchase the home! They will not have to be concerned that they're wasting their time if you won't be able to have the ability to qualify for a big enough mortgage. The seller of the home won't worry if he can trust you to qualify for your mortgage in the amount you'll need.Your qualifying for the necessary mortgage loan amount will not cause them concern. You have the capability to back your offer up.

We can help you pre-qualify

When we pre-qualify you, we help you determine the amount you can afford in monthly payments you can fit in your budget, and the loan amount you will qualify for. We do this by considering your income and debts, your work and housing circumstances, your available funds for down payment, required reserves, and other considerations. It is a short, thorough process with minimal risks for papercuts.

One on one

While you are encouraged to benefit from our tools to calculate mortgage variables on our website, it's essential to meet with us. We can work toward your pre-qualification letter. Next, we can consider your mortgage options to make sure you have chosen the best one. Let us help you get started: Contact us at 435-755-6622.

Have questions about pre-qualifying? Call us at 435-755-6622. It's our job to answer pre-qualification questions, so we're happy to help!